2019.07.03 12:57

Lithuania's child protection service received around 28,600 reports last year

BNS2019.07.03 12:57

Lithuania's Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service has received some 28,600 reports on possible violations of children's rights over the past year, and almost half of them were confirmed.

According to the service, the first threat level was attributed to 12,200 cases, which means that a child's rights are violated but there's no threat to the child's health.

Yet, there were also 1,800 cases of the highest threat level, where a child's health, safety or life was in danger.

The majority of cases involved possible non-violent violations of children's rights, with the police being the main source of information.

From July 1, 2018 to July 1 this year, psychologists, social workers and addiction specialists from mobile teams provided assistance to 891 families.

Specialists from the service visited families almost 3,200 times, produced almost 800 recommendations to case managers on further work with families, and attended over 650 management sittings.

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