2019.07.02 09:55

Vilnius to stage 'hybrid threats' exercises

LRT2019.07.02 09:55

Vilnius will stage hybrid threats exercises on July 14 to test the readiness of its municipal companies and services to react to cyber threats, stage rescue operations and communicate between all branches, according to a press release issued by Vilnius municipality.

“We will simulate a situation where from 4:00 to 8:00 in the morning," abnormal amount of rainfall will "disturb the normal traffic in the tunnel," said Povilas Poderskis, Administration Director of Vilnius City Municipality.

"There will be a bus full of children who will need to be rescued, at the same time, a tanker truck will upturn at the access to the tunnel and polluting substances will leak from it," he added.

Cyber attacks will also add another unexpected elemenent.

“A hybrid Vilnius resistance test will show how well [services] are prepared to respond to to stressful circumstances and cyber security threats in critical situations," said Poderskis.
The scenario will take place in the center of Vilnius, in the tunnel of Geležinio Vilko street running under the Lithuanian parliament, on July 14 from 7:00 to 10:00.

Preparations for the exercises have taken place since January, and will engage not only all municipal companies, but also volunteers, citizens, various rescue services and the Lithuanian Police Anti-terrorist Operations Unit ARAS, as well as municipalities of other towns. 

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