2019.07.01 14:00

Volume of Russian TV content in Lithuania has decreased, watchdog says

BNS2019.07.01 14:00

Volume of Russian TV content have dropped in Lithuania according to the country's TV and radio watchdog, the Radio and Television Commission.

Its 2018-2019 monitoring figures show that US-made material is the most popular among content from other countries.

"Russian TV content used to be in the second place, but now we see that in 2019 has dropped by more than 20 hours – from 95 hours and 3 minutes in 2018 to 75 hours and six minutes this year," the watchdog said.

The LRTK figures show the Lietuvos Rytas TV and BTV air the largest share of Russian contents, with 40 hours and 31 minutes and 17 hours and 35 minutes respectively. They have also decreased from 46 hours and 36 minutes on Lietuvos Rytas TV and 38 hours and nine minutes on BTV a year ago.

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