2019.07.01 12:00

Lithuania simplifies procedures for immigration, residence permits

BNS2019.07.01 12:00

Lithuania's Migration Department is simplifying invitation process for foreigners and is merging residence permit procedures, starting on July 1,

According to the department, people inviting a foreigner will no longer be required to confirm the invitation at the migration service as all procedures will be automated.

The person inviting a foreigner will no longer have to submit a request to confirm the invitation, nor an accommodation owner's confirmation.

To get a Schengen visa, the inviting person will have to submit a letter confirming he or she will take care of the incoming person's needs.

Invitations for foreigners to come to Lithuania are free and their number is not restricted.

Lithuania is also amending the procedure for issuing and amending residence permits for foreigners, as the procedures will now be merged.

Upon the merger, a foreigners' biometric data will be taken once an application to issue or amend a residence permit is submitted, and once a positive decision is made, the permit's production will be initiated automatically.

A foreigner will be required to pay a state-set fee before submitting an application to issue or amend a resident permit, excluding cases when people are exempt from such a fee pursuant to a procedure defined by laws.

The Migration Department also warns that payments for document formalization will have to be made when submitting an application for a residence permit or its amendment.

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