2019.06.26 11:00

Russia spying case reaches Lithuanian Court of Appeal

BNS2019.06.26 11:00

The Court of Appeal of Lithuania on Tuesday started hearing the appeal of a Klaipėda resident sentenced to prison for spying for Russia.

"The first hearing took place today and the court started hearing the case. Procedural issues were addressed during the court hearing," Vilma Budenienė, a spokeswoman for the court, told BNS.

The next hearing is scheduled for September.

In April, Klaipėda Regional Court handed down a seven-year jail sentence to Roman Sesel, a Lithuanian citizen accused of collecting information for Russia on NATO military ships, the LNG terminal operator Klaipėdos Nafta, and various infrastructure objects.

Sesel did not admit to any of the charges brought against him.

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