2019.06.25 16:00

First Boxer IFVs reach Lithuanian military, serial production launched

The first German Boxer infantry fighting vehicles arrived in Lithuania on Tuesday, the country's Ministry of Defense announced.

Following a year of testing in Germany and the Netherlands, the serial production of the Boxers meant for the Lithuanian army has begun.

The first IFVs are being delivered to the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanized Infantry Battalion in Rukla, central Lithuania, and will be officially handed over for use by the Lithuanian army in July.

Almost 90 IFVs will be delivered to Lithuania by the end of 2021, with 15 due to arrive this year.

The Boxers had been due to arrive in March, but the Ministry of National Defense did not provide the reason for the delay.

Their two prototypes were brought to Lithuania in November to take part in a parade to mark the Lithuanian army's 100th anniversary. They were then taken back to Germany for further trials.

Two German Boxers without the Israeli-made turrets were also brought to Lithuania for driver training in late 2017.

Once brought to Lithuania, the Boxers will be renamed Vilkai (wolves).

Signed in August 2016, the contract on the acquisition of 88 Boxers from Germany is estimated at €386 million. It’s the largest acquisition in the history of the Lithuanian military.