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Lavender fields in Lithuania draw bees and tourists

Lavender growers in Lithuania are seeing their fields in full bloom following dry and hot weather.

"Anyone can grow them; we don’t create any special conditions, but our soil allows lavender to grow and survive even during drought seasons,” says Giedrė Jankūnienė. She has grow levander fields for eight years in her family homestead in Biržai region, northern Lithuania.

According to her, Lithuanian climate – especially in the last couple of weeks – was good for lavenders, which find drought and heat more acceptable than moisture. And even though there are over 50 different types of lavenders, in Lithuania you can only find one.

After starting with just a couple of plants, thousands visitors have been coming to see the blooming fields for four years, she says.

Some come from as far as Latvia, according to Jankūnienė. 

You can visit lavender fields in the following locations:

1. Mockūnai, Biržų region, northern Lithuania

2. Kiemeliai, Vilniaus region

3. Buikų village, Šalčininkų area

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