2019.06.20 11:00

Grybauskaitė vetoes 'restrictive' law on gun ownership during wartime

BNS 2019.06.20 11:00

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė on Thursday vetoed a law which, in her opinion, might restrict citizens' rights to have guns during crises or wartime.

Adopted by the Lithuanian Seimas, the law states that guns and ammunitions can be temporarily taken or commandeered pursuant to the procedures and conditions defined by the laws on emergency situation and martial law.

According to Grybauskaitė, "such legal regulation creates pre-conditions for taking guns and ammunition from all of their lawful owners in all cases once a state of emergency or martial law is declared".

The president proposes leaving guns and ammunition to their lawful owners in cases of a state of emergency,  martial law or mobilization.

According to Grybauskaitė, guns and ammunition would be temporarily taken or commandeered only in exceptional cases when they are needed for the Lithuanian armed forces, or if there are grounds to believe they might be used for criminal activity.