2019.06.19 14:00

Over 500 children born in Lithuania after assisted insemination

BNS 2019.06.19 14:00

521 children have been born after assisted insemination in Lithuania over the past two years, figures from the National Health Insurance funds showed on Wednesday.

398 women gave birth after assisted insemination from April, 2017 to April, 2019. 283 of them had one child, 107 couples welcomed twins and eight couples had triplets.

"We are delighted that more and more people take the opportunity to use assisted insemination services covered by the health insurance fund in Lithuania," Daiva Berukstiene of the NHIF, was quoted as saying in a statement.

It also states that over 3,700 infertile couples received over 11,500 different assisted insemination services. They included 1,900 women and almost 1,800 men.

State-covered assisted insemination services in Lithuania are provided by both state and private healthcare establishments but only those having necessary licenses and contracts with the NHIF.