2019.06.18 08:51

Lithuanian military volunteers can also run for elections, commission confirms 2019.06.18 08:51

The Central Electorate Commission (VRK) confirmed on Monday that the National Defence Volunteer Forces (KASP) can also take part in parliamentary elections.

Previous decision also allowed volunteers currently serving in the part-time defence force to run for municipal elections. There is an ongoing constitutional debate in Lithuania whether volunteers can both serve in the military, and also be elected politicians.

Lithuania’s Constitution says that persons undertaking ‘actual’ military service cannot be members of parliament or municipal council members. The part-time defence volunteer force falls in the legal grey zone.

However, Judita Nagienė from the Ministry of Defence judicial department director previously told reporters that volunteers are considered to be doing ‘actual’ military service under current laws.

But on Monday, VRK accepted the proposal to allow KASP soldiers to be to take part in parliamentary elections.

In the sitting, the Lithuanian parliament, Seimas, was asked to define laws concerning servicemen and women participation in the parliamentary election.