2019.06.17 13:15

New app to help tackle panic attacks and anxiety launches in Lithuania 2019.06.17 13:15

An app launched earlier in June will help people overcome panic attacks and anxiety. The free app Ramu (Calm), will present three different options – emergency support, education and calming exercises.

Two clinical psychologists Ieva Žvinienė and Darja Norbutė developed the app seeking “to explain that it’s enough to know the methods and skills” needed during a panic attack “to be able to calm down”.

“Ability to calm down by yourself will increase confidence and decrease the feeling of hopelessness and anxiety,” they told LRT.

The non-destructive means are also aimed at educating people to use different methods, before taking up medicines or other damaging calming tools, according to the app developers.

“SOS button will be there when you’re having a panic attack or a very strong sense of anxiety,” according to the founders, “while an audio recording and breathing exercises will help stop panic attacks faster and more effectively.”

The app currently operates in Lithuanian language only.