2019.06.17 10:34

Memorial to Holocaust victims unveiled in northern Lithuania

BNS 2019.06.17 10:34

A memorial to Holocaust victims was unveiled in Lithuania's northern city of Biržai on Sunday.

The 30-meter-high memorial features the names of over 500 known victims murdered in the forest of Pakamponys. Those attending the unveiling ceremony on Sunday took the same path from Biržai town to the site. 

Some 2,400 people, including 900 children, were shot dead in Pakamponys in 1941. It’s the sixth place in Lithuania already were the names of Holocaust victims are commemorated.

The monument was designed by French architect Joseph Rabie whose great-grandparents were originally from Biržai, and some of his relatives were killed in Pakamponys. The memorial complex's initiators were Abel and Glenda Levitt from Israel.