2019.06.14 09:20

Lithuanian president-elect's personal doctor on law enforcement's radar

Lithuania's Special Investigation Service (STT) briefed President-elect Gitanas Nausėde about his would-be personal doctor, Remigijus Žalkūnas, who was questioned in a high-profile political corruption case.

Žydrūnas Bartkus, the head of the STT, said after meeting Nausėda on Thursday that the president-elect would have to make the decision himself whether to keep Žalkūnas as his presidential doctor.

“We spoke about Žaliūnas and I provided to the president (…) the information that my service has and that we have collected during investigations,” Bartkus told journalists.

“What the president's decision will be or what his opinion is, that's not for me to comment,” he said. He refrained from disclosing what kind of information was provided to the future president.

Žaliūnas, a cardiologist and rector of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, is mentioned in a high-profile political corruption case that involves the business group MG Baltic and the Liberal Movement party. Law enforcement officers collected information about former MG Baltic vice president Raimondas Kurlianskis' connections and Žaliūnas was questioned as a witness.

Bartkus noted that Nausėda has no official possibilities until his inauguration to turn to law enforcement and ask it to check the reputation of his team members. In his words, candidates should probably take more responsibility in this case.

“When they are approached with offers to join the team, candidates should consider… whether their past will not stain the reputation of the presidential team,” Bartkus said.

Nausėda chose Andrius Klimašauskas, an anesthesiologist-reanimathologist from the Santara Clinics in Vilnius, as his second personal doctor.