2019.06.13 09:18

Water levels in Lithuania at critical lows, hydrologists warn

Water levels in rivers across Lithuania have dropped to record lows, specialists from the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service warned on Wednesday.

“In the east, in the south, in the centre and in the west, water levels have gone down considerably. Water levels are lower than usual for June in the Nemunas and Neris basins, the Nevėžis and the Jūra basins,” Juozas Šimkus of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service told BNS Lithuania.

The situation is the most critical in the Neris river near Vilnius where water levels should be at least one meter higher than they are, he said.

“To date, the worst situation is in the Neris as the water level has reached a critical point near Vilnius. The environmental water debit is still flowing, but if the situation continues, the water level will go down further. The environmental water debit ensures minimum survival conditions for ecosystems,” the expert explained.

And dead fish and blooming water plants might be a sign of water levels going below the critical level, Šimkus said.

In his words, water levels are close to usual June level only in northern Lithuanian rivers.