2019.06.07 12:00

Peonies in bloom – take a look at VDU Botanical Garden collection

LRT.lt2019.06.07 12:00

The Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University (VDU) in Kaunas prides itself on a rich collection of peonies. Most of them came into bloom simultaneously, due to unusually hot weather.

The VDU Botanical Garden grows some 300 species of peonies, according to its botanical collections curator Žibutė Baškienė.

“We are proud of our exceptional and rare Lithuanian selections: we grow and conserve 25 species bred by Jonas and Emilija Tarvydai and nineteen by Ona Skeivienė,” Baškienė is quoted in a press release.

The collection also includes some of the oldest varieties of peonies, like the Reine des Roses first bred in 1846.

Patio peonies are particularly popular with visitors. These dwarf flowers are named after capital cities and include London, Moscow and Madrid.

Impressively huge white blooms are characteristic of the Russian Yubileinyi GBD peonies.