2019.06.04 14:31

Demonstration outside Chinese Embassy in Vilnius over Tiananmen massacre

BNS, Saulius Jakučionis2019.06.04 14:31

Some ten members of the Tibet Support Group held a protest outside the Chinese Embassy in Vilnius on Tuesday to mark the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

On June 4, 1989, China's military launched a crackdown on student-led demonstrations in Beijing, shooting at people demanding civil rights. The exact number of those killed during the Tiananmen massacre is unknown but estimates put it to over 1,000.

Beijing's actions were then condemned all over the world, but the activists who gathered in Vilnius on Tuesday are worried that today, political relations with China are interest-based.

"We see the wish to please [China]," Robertas Mažeika, a member of the group, told journalists. "If a whole country represents economic interests, hardly anyone represents human rights."

He also warned that by investing into the infrastructure of other countries, including that of Lithuania, China in fact wants to have political influence over these countries, not to strengthen cooperation.

Mažeika says that following the 1989 events, China continues with citizen rights' restrictions and social control. "The Tiananmen events were a turning point," he said.

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