2019.06.04 08:46

Lithuanian prosecutors seek 6-year sentences for men charged with spying for Russia

BNS 2019.06.04 08:46

Prosecutors are asking for six-year prison sentences for two men charged with spying for Russia, the Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office told BNS.

The Šiauliai Regional Court completed hearing the espionage case on Monday. The hearings were held behind closed doors.

“The ruling will be issued on June 20,” Vytautas Joncas, the court's spokesman, told BNS.

One of the defendants worked at the Lithuanian Air Force's Aviation Base at the time of detention and the other had already retired.

The pre-trial investigation into suspected espionage was launched in December 2017 after receiving information from Lithuania's military intelligence about a transfer of data to a foreign intelligence body.

Both men have admitted their guilt.

Starting in the autumn of 2014, the suspected espionage activities at the Aviation Base involved photographing official documents, the layouts of premises and the airport, plans and facilities, and orders and decisions by the command, and other non-public but not classified data for a foreign intelligence agency, according to the case-file.

Secret meetings with Russian intelligence officers were held only in Russia or other foreign countries, according to prosecutors.

Both defendants were detained on December 11, 2017.