News2019.06.03 13:30

Three coaches in Lithuania to stand trial for doping distribution

BNS 2019.06.03 13:30

Lithuania's law enforcement has handed over a case to the court in which three sport coaches are accused of doping trafficking, possession and distribution and also the possession of psychotropic substances.

The charges in this case have been brought against Bronislavas Vyšniauskas, president of Lithuania's Weightlifting Federation, a coach from the physical education and sports center in Lithuania's northern city of Panevėžys and a coach from a third sports center, the prosecution service said.

According to previous reports, the suspects include Antanas Jakimavičius, a track cycling coach.

The pre-trial investigation in this case was launched in late July, 2017 in response to a report by the Lithuanian Anti-Doping Agency about possible illegal disposal of certain doping substances with intent to sell or otherwise distribute them.

None of the accused admits their guilt. They are facing up to four years in prison.

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