2019.05.30 12:50

Vilnius politicians fail to express support for LGBT+ pride

BNS, 2019.05.30 12:50

Members of Vilnius City Council considered a resolution expressing support to Baltic Pride, an LGBT+ event to take place in the Lithuanian capital next week. The resolution was rejected due to insufficient votes on Wednesday.

The resolution, penned by council member Tomas Raskevičius, would have been “a unique opportunity to show that Vilnius is an open, welcoming city friendly to everyone," the politician said.

The document was supported by Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius, though most of his conservative coalition partners abstained from the vote. It was opposed by members of the Labour Party, also in the ruling coalition, and former mayor Artūras Zuokas' Lithuanian Freedom Union.

Mayor Šimašius said that the city must show not only that it tolerates the pride march, but that it celebrates the event.

The resolution would help to “get rid of the label of homophobic, closed people," according to the mayor.

Council member Ieva Kačinskaitė, of the Labour Party, said that “before adopting such resolutions, we should ask all people of Vilnius what they think and perhaps refrain from imposing values on the majority that they may not support”.

Žilvinas Šilgalis, of the Lithuanian Freedom Union, insisted that the city expressed sufficient support for Baltic Pride by issuing a permit for the event, while the resolution “does not create any additional value”.

The Baltic Pride march in Vilnius is to take place on June 8.