2019.05.24 15:21

Uncertain future for Lithuania’s 24,000 school graduates

As the last bell rings for Lithuania’s 24,000 high school graduates, many of them will depart for studies abroad. Some students say they’re leaving for better education, others say they can’t find the right study programme in Lithuania. Meanwhile, Lithuanian government is planning to finance studies abroad – with conditions attached, however.

Lithuania’s Minister of Education Algirdas Monkevičius says “we’ll encourage students to apply for the world’s best universities with a condition that during the five years after graduation, they will spend at least three years working in Lithuania, or with international organisations, where Lithuania is a member state”.

In Vilnius Žirmūnai high school, however, plans for the future vary.

“I want to study music management in the UK, because such study programme doesn’t exist in Lithuania,” says a student there.

“There are better opportunities for arts abroad,” she adds.

Some students in Žirmūnai, however, plan to stay put: “I’m going for engineering in Kaunas, as the most modern university is there,” while another student adds – “I found a study programme in Lithuania, which is one of the best in Europe; I see no reason to go abroad”.

Around 12,000 people leave Lithuania every year, and there are approx 5,000 Lithuanian students in the UK, according to Lithuanian news website,