2019.05.24 11:01

Šiauliai to build a square for righteous among nations

BNS 2019.05.24 11:01

A square for righteous among the nations will be opened in Lithuania's northern city of Šiauliai near the villa of Chaim Frenkel, according to a local newspaper. The site is also where Jewish ghettoes were situated during the Second World War.

The local authorities made the decision urged by the local Jewish community, the Šiaulių Naujienos (Šiauliai News) newspaper reports.

The Jewish community of Šiauliai said there was precious little information about righteous among the nations and the people they saved in the town, with only a memorial plaque dedicated to several individuals. The community wanted to honour all righteous among the nations, and not only individual people.

“We spoke with Professor Vaidotas Janulis that it would be great to honour the memory of righteous among the nations in some way, so he said there was a place in Šiauliai, on a corner of Ežero Street, which would be suitable for a park for righteous among the nations,” Sania Kerbel, chairman of the Jewish community in Šiauliai County, told the local newspaper.

The community then turned to Šiauliai Municipality and drafted a plan for implementing the project.

The Jewish community hopes that a call for tenders will be issued this year for architectural and urbanistic idea for the project. The town will mark the 75th anniversary of the liquidation of the Šiauliai ghetto this year.

A sum of €19,500 has been allocated for the preparation of the work project, and another €270,000 for implementing the idea and territorial work.