2019.05.24 08:56

Risk of forest fires remains high in Lithuania

Ignas Jačauskas, BNS 2019.05.24 08:56

The risk of forest fires remains very high in most forests in Lithuania, foresters warns, and people are encouraged to be cautious during the upcoming weekend.

Services remain on standby and the situation could be improved by longer and abundant rain, Marius Pulkauninkas, director of the State Forest Service, says.

“Forests are dry and need long and abundant rain. Brief rainfall for an hour or so helps a little, but more rain is necessary,” he told BNS on Thursday.

More than a third of Lithuanian territory at the highest, level 5, risk of forest fire, with the lowest risk in western Lithuania.

Figures from the Fire and Rescue Department show some 2,900 hectares of open territories, mainly grass, have been burnt since January, and forest fires engulfed a total territory of 3 hectares.