2019.05.23 16:13

‘Rocket’ to ferry people once more between Kaunas and Nida, BNS 2019.05.23 16:13

The ‘Rocket’ can take you from Kaunas to Nida in less than four hours.

The rocket in question, however, is a Soviet hydrofoil boat built in 1963, restored for the historic route starting on June 6, 2019.

After an eight-year hiatus, and decades after the golden years of river transport, you can once more reach the resort town Nida from Kaunas by boat.

Owners of the boat ‘Rocket’ – the national Inland Waterways Directorate, local municipalities and private investors – hope that people will choose the mode of transport for more reasons than just nostalgia.

“Many people ‘flew’ in with ‘Rocket’ via the [river] Nemunas to another planet which was difficult to reach,” said Darius Jasaitis, the mayor of Neringa municipality on Lithuania’s coast.

Positive memories were the “strongest factor” to revive the route, said one of the boat’s owners, Nerijus Šilgalis.

At one point, a total of 10 ‘Rocket’-type boats were coursing in Lithuania, before ceasing regular operations in 1995. By 2010, the boats were no longer in use.

Over €100,000 was invested into reopening the route, which will operate seasonally, between early June and the end of September.

The boat ‘Rocket’ has 58 seats and space for bicycles.

‘Rocket’ will depart Kaunas on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the morning, and will leave Nida at 15:30. Additional journey from Nida to Kaunas are planned on Sundays.

One-way journey will cost €29 before June 23 and €49 thereafter – the exact price, however, will depend on sponsors.