2019.05.23 12:12

Kaunas bids goodbye to its ‘golden toilet’

BNS, 2019.05.23 12:12

The affair began in 2009.

At the height of Lithuania’s financial crisis, Kaunas municipality built a toilet next to its main tourist site, the castle.

And it cost a whopping half a million litai (€153,000).

The container structure on the side of the car park was then forever dubbed the ‘golden toilet’ by citizens and the media, as a pre-trial investigation found the construction to be illegal.

Twelve people from Kaunas municipality and private firm TK Sprendimai were later tried for embezzlement, abuse of power, document falsification and disposition of falsified documents; many were later acquitted.

Ten years later, the toilet is no more.

“Instead of the so-called golden toilet,” said Kaunas’ municipality Architecture and Urbanism Department chief Nerijus Valatkevičius in May, 2019, “we are aiming to [construct] a tourism pavillion”.

The decision was taken only after removing the toilet and discovering all the necessary infrastructure for the pavillion to already be there.