2019.05.16 12:00

Referendum on citizenship was only a rehearsal, says Lithuanian World Community 2019.05.16 12:00

The failed referendum on dual citizenship was only a general rehearsal, says Lithuanian World Community (PLB).

“Maybe there are decisions, which we could take quiet quickly – making additions to the law on citizenship that would answer those who need [the amendment] the most – especially in the UK, where people are worried what will happen to their families and business” after Brexit, said Rimvydas Baltaduonis, chairman of the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas and Lithuanian World Community commission.

An opportunity to vote online would present better chances next time, according to the PLB. The community also hopes to work on immediate changes with a new Lithuanian president.

Although, the next referendum should also be aligned with a presidential election to reach a higher turnout, according to the PLB, which would mean another five-year wait.