2019.05.15 12:15

Chief of public safety in Kaunas district stabs a driver

The chief of Public Safety Department at Kaunas District Municipality Sergėjus Lemziakovas stabbed a driver during a conflict on the road.

Police says a man born in 1992 caught up with the Kaunas District Municipality car, driven by Lemziakovas while he was on duty.

Both cars then stopped on the side of the road, and during the ensuing conflict, Lemziakovas stabbed the other driver in the leg.

Lemziakovas told BNS he was attacked when the other man “jumped out of the car”. Lemziakovas said he warned the other man, and took out a knife from the car’s first aid and rescue kit.

Despite it, the other man did not calm down, and therefore, Lemziakovas stabbed him in the leg; he then called the police and ambulance.

After receiving first aid, the man was sent home. Lemziakovas remains on duty, while the police investigation continues.