2019.05.13 16:41

Former mayor suggests making Jonas Mekas honorary citizen of Vilnius

Ignas Jačauskas, BNS 2019.05.13 16:41

Representatives of the Lithuanian capital's opposition Lithuanian Freedom Union (Liberals) are suggesting making famous Lithuanian artist Jonas Mekas, who passed away in January, an honorary citizen of Vilnius.

A group of politicians in Vilnius municipal council have suggested making Jonas Mekas, the famous Lithuanian-born avantgarde filmmaker who passed away in January, the city's honorary citizen.

The political group of the Lithuanian Freedom Union, led by former mayor Artūras Zuokas, has registered the proposal with the secretariat of the Vilnius City Municipal Council.

On Monday, the council's ruling coalition decided not to object to the proposal, but the issue will be considered in the coming autumn at the earliest.

Zuokas says he raised the issue back when he was Vilnius mayor and Mekas was still alive.

“He [Mekas] used to tell me that he was honoured enough just being alive. But he also hinted that he would be happy if his ideas and work were not forgotten. I think it’s time to return to this idea,” Zuokas said.

Supporters of the initiative note that Mekas won the national prize in Lithuania and has honorary doctorates from many foreign and Lithuanian universities. He is often dubbed the the godfather of avant-garde cinema and is acclaimed internationally for his original poetics.

Mekas died on January 23 in his home in New York at the age of 96.