2019.05.10 16:59

Key facts and figures in Lithuania’s presidential election and two referendums

BNS, LRT.lt2019.05.10 16:59

In addition to electing a president this Sunday, Lithuanian voters are asked to vote on two constitutional amendments.

– 2,472,405 Lithuanian citizens are eligible to vote

– Referendum on citizenship needs a turnout of at least 50 percent to be held valid; for the motion to pass, at least 50 percent, or 1,236,203, must vote in favour

– Referendum on decreasing the number of Lithuanian MPs needs at least half of all voters to cast their ballots and at least half of them, but no fewer than a third of the total, to vote yes for the motion to pass.

– The president will only be elected in the first round if he or she receives more than 50 percent of the cast votes and, if the turnout is lower than 50 percent, at least 30 percent of all the eligible votes.

– If no presidential candidate receives the votes needed to win in the first round, the second round will see a runoff between the top two candidates from the first round


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