2019.05.08 17:17

Lithuanian government proposes ban on drinking and eating at the wheel 2019.05.08 17:17

Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior (VRM) is aiming to ban drinking, eating and smoking while driving, drawing ire from Lithuania’s drivers.

However, Lithuanian Road Police Service representative Marija Kazanovič says that many accidents involve cars veering off the road, and “most drivers don’t admit what other activities they were doing at the time".

But, “during investigations we can make indirect assumptions,” she adds.

Will this mean that you can be fined for taking a sip of water while driving?

VRM Vice Minister Darius Urbonas says that police officers will use their judgement and will not fine for insignificant breaches, “yet the police will have the means to critically judge cases, where it’s obvious that any additional activity is affecting the driver,” says VRM Vice Minister Darius Urbonas.