2019.04.25 16:25

EU commissioner hopes to rally support for Mobility Package despite opposition

Saulius Jakučionis, BNS2019.04.25 16:25

Although the EU's proposed Mobility Package was met with fierce opposition in Lithuania and some other eastern EU member-states, European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen has said in Vilnius that she hopes to rally enough support for the initiative.

Lithuania and some other Central and Eastern European countries have fiercely opposed certain provisions in the package that regulates working conditions for truck drivers.

Thyssen noted that the EU had managed to secure support from member states for the common rules for the posting of workers, despite initial “aggressive” opposition from some countries.

“When I proposed my posting directive, I was also accused. Some members of parliaments of member-states were almost aggressive. They said: 'What are you doing?' But we explained it to the member-states and (...) we came together with a good solution and with a big, big majority,” the commissioner for employment, social affairs, skills and labor mobility told reporters in Vilnius on Thursday.

“This will happen with the transport sector as well,” she added.

Lithuania and other countries in the region say that Western European countries are pushing through the Mobility Package to make their haulage companies uncompetitive and oust them from the market.

“This is not West against East or North against South. It is to find a common solution to have an organized internal market for the transport sector,” Thyssen said.

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