2019.04.25 10:14

Klaipėda opens cruise ship season 2019.04.25 10:14

Lithuania's port city, Klaipėda, is opening the cruise shipping season. This year, the Baltic coastal city expects to welcome slightly fewer passenger ships than in 2018, but just as many tourists.

The first ship to dock in Klaipėda is the 293-metre cruise liner Poesia, sailing under the Panamanian flag.

Over the entire season, 52 ships are coming to Klaipėda, slightly fewer than last year. However, more of them will be big liners, meaning that the number of tourists to visit the Lithuanian coastal town is expected to stay the same, around 70,000.

The cruise ship season in the Baltic Sea have been getting longer recently. This year, it will conclude in early October, but it will last until November in 2020.

Sixty-four passenger liners have already registered to dock in Klaipėda next year.

Tourism is an important source of income for the Lithuanian port city. Each cruise ship passenger is estimated to spend €150 on average.