2019.04.15 10:06

Lithuanian military to appoint 60 war commandants

BNS 2019.04.15 10:06

The Lithuanian military is hiring war commandants to ensure smooth interaction between troops and civilians, the armed forces said last week.

The position was reintroduced last year and Lithuania plans to appoint 60 commandants in every municipality. Most of the candidates have already been selected.

In peacetime, commandants act as intermediaries between the army and local authorities, while in wartime their responsibility is to command the entire civilian administration.

“Such an officer will have to know how to distribute resources, how to use local infrastructure to manage defence and emergency situations, and how to ensure the country's defence and organise resistance. These will be their main duties and tasks. A commandant will act not only as an intermediary, but also, if necessary, as a resistant member and even as commander of a partisan movement,” Major Vaidas Žiogas of the Defence Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the curator of the commandant project, said.

Candidates bust be retired captains, majors, lieutenant colonels to be appointed as commandants.

Lithuanian had war commandants in 1990–1993.