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Lithuanian government to offer drivers €1,000 to scrap polluting cars

The Lithuanian government considers offering €1,000 to drivers to incentivize them to scrap old polluting cars and buy new ones. The scheme is part of a pollution reduction plan waiting the government's approval, Environment Minister Kęstutis Mažeika said on Thursday.

“We have to encourage people to scrap old cars and I think that the incentive should amount to around €1,000,” he told the radio Žinių Radijas.

The plan, which was discussed by the Cabinet on Wednesday, earmarks €30 million for the scheme.

Private individuals willing to give up old polluting cars will also be eligible for discounted public transport fares.

Municipalities will be allocated €30 million each to buy public transport vehicles powered by electricity, natural gas or hydrogen.

The plan also provides for €20 million in incentives for local authorities of the country's top five cities and resort towns to restrict the traffic of diesel-powered vehicles.

Financial support will be also offered to households to replace wood-burning furnaces with heat pump systems or connect to municipals heating systems.

The plan also calls for raising the excise tax rate on coal, coke and lignite used to produce heat energy.

The government will assess in a year or two if these measures have been successful in reducing pollution, the environment ministry said.

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