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Soviet cars

An exhibition of old soviet racing cars is opened in Lithuania.

At the moment there are thirty soviet racing cars in the exhibition. Among them such legendary soviet car brands as 'Pobeda', 'Zaporozhets', 'Moskvitch' and 'Volga'.

All of these cars participated in the competition at the time. They were driven by Lithuanian race drivers who participated in Soviet Union championships.

One of the drivers, Stasys Brundza, has won Soviet Union rally championship for ten times. He is among exhibition organisers.

These exhibits are the first part of the Lithuanian technical sports Hall of Fame that will be presented in capital Vilnius, Litexpo exhibition hall, till 2013 February. This Hall of Fame will be regularly supplemented by new exhibits.

Organisers of the exhibition promised to find even older cars that were used in Lithuania as sports cars during interwar period. However, at the moment all exhibits are from soviet era. The oldest presented car is 'Moskvitch M400' that was manufactured in 1955.

Video material that was submitted to European Broadcasting Union:


1.  'Pobeda' cars

2. A shot of 'Volga' car

3. Soundbite (Lithuanian), visitors, saying: The most interesting thing is racing cars, old racing cars. They have some kind of spirit and you can't find this spirit in contemporary racing cars. They don't have spirit. But when you look at the old one, you can feel that old spirit.

4. Soundbite (Lithuanian), collector of cars, former race driver, Stasys Brundza, saying: The younger generation can see what occupied their fathers, or maybe grandfathers. Bet the most important thing is people who created the history of technical racing. This is the Walk of Fame for them.

5. Hall of fame stand

6. Trophies

7. Shot of 'Pobeda'

8. More of trophies

9. A shot of exhibition

10. 'Zaporozhets'

11.  'Moskvitch M400'

12.  'Lada'

13. 'Pobeda' sign on the car bonnet

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