2019.04.08 18:10

Lithuanians developing world's first big electric boat

BNS2019.04.08 18:10

Vm Production, a-Kaunas based producer of entertainment and sports boats, says it will soon complete assembling the world's first electric boat and garage with wind turbines and solar panels.

The company says it plans to test th boats shortly and then export to Scandinavia.

Having produced diesel- and petrol-fueled boats, Vm Production now says it plans to only produce boats and garages powered by wind and solar energy. The equipment is also to be used to charge electric cars, boats and provide power to fish farms.

“A boat of up to 5-6 meters in length with a hanged engine is not a new thing, there are many producers making them. But there's no technology and completion for big boats. Our boat is 9-meter long and weighs 4.5 tons and is adapted for fishing. There are no electric boats of that size,” Šarūnas Danilavičius, an export manager at the company, told BNS Lithuania.

He says the garage will have 12 wind turbines and solar panels each and they will be interconnected and send power to external powerbanks. Meanwhile the boats will be equipped with six wind turbines and 4 solar panels on the double roof and they will be partly autonomous from onshore charging.

According to Danilavičius, the company is now capable of producing around 12 garages and three boats a year and plans to export them to Scandinavia.

The company's representatives refrained from disclosing the value of investment, but said that the boat price will start at €170,000, and that of the garage will start at €40,000.

Vm Production posted €118,600 in revenue last year and its profit stood at €818. The company employs six people.

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