Lithuanian Radio has been on air now for more than 80 years, and today it operates 3 radio channels – LRT RADIJAS, LRT KLASIKA AND LRT OPUS.

LRT RADIJAS – an obvious leader as to audience share - is being transmitted on the FM waves.    

LRT RADIJAS offers news, current affairs, culture, religious, sport, entertainment and music programmes. The LRT RADIJAS News has its correspondents not only in the largest cities of Lithuania, but also in regions. It is the only radio news service with such an extensive network of associates abroad – from The United States to Moscow.

LRT KLASIKA is a radio station dedicated to cultural news and music. 65% of its programming consists of classical music, while one fourth of the LRT KLASIKA airtime is culture programmes.

In 2006, LRT launched the new radio station LRT OPUS targeted at a younger audience, offering its listeners alternative music, often neglected by most of commercial stations. In morning hours, LRT OPUS broadcasts short news bulletins adapted for young people.

All the three stations of the National Radio are streamed on the Internet.