Values and Principles of Activity

The LRT mission is inherent in methods intended for implementing purposes and values, which apply to LRT daily activities. The LRT Management seeks to impart its clear vision of the LRT mission and values to its staff, audience and general public. 

While striving for the implementation of its strategic targets and mission, in its activity, Lithuanian National Radio and Television pursues the following principles and values: 

  • freedom of speech, creation and conscience,
  • independence,
  • objectivity,
  • impartiality,
  • justice,
  • consideration for public interest, values and moral principles,
  • consideration for human dignity, rights of an individual, private life,
  • comprehensiveness of information
  • individual responsibility,
  • self-regulation,
  • tolerance,
  • diversity of opinions.

LRT, by way of the effective use of its funds, has for its goal producing quality entertainment and educational programming, objective news and analytical programmes, at the same time opting out the spread of violence, nihilism, as well as violations of moral and ethical principles.