Dates and Events

Lithuanian Radio began its transmissions on 12 June 1926– the first message in Lithuanian was: “Hello! This is Radio Kaunas from Lithuania”.

Twenty years later, in 1946, Lithuanian Radio launched its External Radio Service, and after another twenty years, in 1965, LR listeners have already been offered programmes in English.

Lithuanian Radio 2 took start in 1956.  In 1998 listeners of the LR2 were given a surprise - the service appeared on air under the name of “Klasika” with markedly renovated and streamlined programming.

Lithuanian Television commenced its activity - 30 April 1957. By that time there were only 30 television sets in Lithuania. However, when broadcasting began on a regular basis, their number increased like a shot. Beginning with 1975, Lithuanian Television began regular broadcasting of colour programmes.

Information programmes have been broadcast since 1957. The most popular among them is the news programme “Panorama”, named so in 1970.

The LRT Light Music Orchestra that entered Lithuanian musical life in 1958 and was the only professional orchestra in Lithuania playing a wide-ranging repertoire – from jazz and symphonic jazz to creation of Lithuanian and foreign music writers.

LRT stood against a severe test, when on 13 January 1991 the KGB squads occupied LRT premises and Vilnius television tower, which remained in their power for 222 days.

Since 1993 LRT has been the member of the European Broadcasting Union.

Museum of the Lithuanian Radio and Television opened its door in 1997, and is well-attended. Its exposition affords an opportunity of getting acquainted with radio and television equipment of past decades.

LRT sets up its website lrt.lt., in 2000. In 2005, the Internet Radio @radijas is launched, and in 2006 this website is developed into a news portal, fitted for the disabled and Mobile Internet wap.lrt.lt. In 2007, lrt.lt starts real time broadcasts of LTV and LTV2 TV channels.

On 16 February 2003 Lithuanian Radio and Television launched it’s second TV channel LTV2 which at first has been aired for the viewers of Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda regions and via satellites abroad.

On 2007 LRT has launched international TV channel LTV World created with the view of broadcasting via satellite. Starting with September 2007 LTV World service was available to European viewers via satellite “Sirius4” and from the November 2007, it’s programmes could be watched by the viewers in the United States and Canada. The LTV World programming is scheduled with consideration of the Europeans and Americans daily routines, and aired 24 hours a day.

July, 2012. The updated Lithuanian National Radio and Television presents its new trade marks: LRT TELEVISION (former LTV), targeted at a wide audience, LRT RADIO (former Lithuanian Radio), Internet Portal LRT.LT.and modernized specialized channels with their faithful viewers and listeners. In that, radio channels LRT KLASIKA  (former “Klasika”) for the classical music fans, and LRT OPUS (former “Opus 3” – for the young audience). The new name of the TV channel LRT KULTURA (former LTV2) obviously yields more to the content of the service, while LRT LITUANICA (former “LTV World”) with its programmes is intended for the Lithuanian emigration from all over the world.