LRT applications

Mobile application of news portal allows tracking the most topical Lithuanian and world news, watch live national TV and radio broadcasts, check the program guide, also video and audio archive.

In the application you can watch 3 TV channels – LRT Television, LRT Kultūra and LRT Lituanica, and listen to 3 radio programs – LRT Radio, LRT Classic and LRT Opus.

Golden Mind

Very popular LRT intellectual game „Golden Mind“ became mobile, youthful and available for any player in any city, in any country now!

This application lets you participate in each show by receiving the same questions as the studio players. However, application users will have to answer the questions faster than the show participants and later will see their results.

Application also remains the training mode. Get ready for live game each Wednesday or just have fun by checking your knowledge!

LRT Fairy-tales

Fairy-tales recorded by prominent LRT announcers come back with the latest LRT Fairy-tales Application.

This loveable, kid-appealing collection contains 56 stories and is designed the way to make it easy operable for the junior. While listening to the fairy-tales, kids have the opportunity to rate them and choose their favorite ones, draw illustrations or enjoy pictures loaded by other children, or simply get carried away to the realm of dreams. This is a modern-day and convenient opportunity to enhance imagination and at the same time create value while using this smart medium. Application for SMART TV

This is the first free LRT application for smart TVs in Lithuania . Recent shows, sports events, archival footage, films, video and audio collection - now on your Samsung smart TVs - whenever you want.


Application „Vote!“ is designed to hear today's people opinion about the most important topics.

From now on with „Vote!“ you will be able to cast your ballots in various LRT shows and events, so do not miss a chance to show your opinion! Participate in online show „LRT forum“ to discuss the most relevant Lithuanian and world news and issues.

This is how music, television and smart technologies intertwine into one body, which is a significant step forward in promoting mobile technologies culture in Lithuania.



Gustavas Recipes

Great news for all “Gustavas Encyclopaedia” fans – mobile application “Gustavas Recipes”. In it you will find the variety of most original recipes for the dishes prepared in the programmes, with nice illustrations and simple instructions to go. You will also have an opportunity of watching a video of cooking process and with the help of Gustavas prepare some delicious snack or desert. Especially for you we created a handy stopwatch, quantity measurement converter and a simple shopping pad.

You can share your chef-oeuvres with your friends on Facebook or send them a picture by e-mail.

“Gustavas Recipes” – drop dead, it’s gorgeous!

Children of the Millennium

It’s for the best and the smartest! Application ”Children of the Lithuania’s Millennium” was created for the smart phones users had already won the heart of the young audience. It allows viewers, by means of their smart phones, compete with the participants of the quiz show. Number of downloads in the first four programmes totalled 16,5 thousand, now it soared to fantastic 105 thousand of registered users.

You can upload the application “Children of the Lithuania’s Millenium” from “Google Play”, “iTunes Store” and “Microsoft Store”.




LRT Player

LRT Player affords watching and listening to the Lithuanian National Radio and Television channels transmissions.

In the application you can watch 3 TV channels – LRT Television, LRT Kultūra and LRT Lituanica, 3 radio programmes – LRT Radio, LRT Klasika and LRT Opus. As well you will find in it a weekly TV programme and convenient booking of reminders about your favourite programmes.