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Higher early voting turnout in Lithuania's local elections

2015-02-27 / 11:00 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Higher early voting turnout has been reported in Lithuania's municipal and the first direct mayoral elections this year as compared to the last local elections in 2011.

When geography is not enough - three Lithuanian paths to Europe

2015-02-27 / 10:57 - Christine Neijstrom | The Lithuania Tribune | DELFI

In her latest book, Three Lithuanian Europes: the Nation, Europe, and the EU in Modern Identity , philosopher Nerija Putinaitė 's quest to flag the wellsprings of Lithuanians' European identity guides readers from the real demise of an imaginary pre-historic golden age, to a barbarian king's Latin baptism and festive 500th...

Lithuania Europe's No. 1 in fibre-optic internet penetration

2015-02-26 / 10:31 - ELTA | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

For the 6th year in a row, Lithuania retained its leading position in Europe in terms of fibre-optic (FTTH) Internet network penetration. According to the global ranking, Lithuania comes in number 8, the annual report of the FTTH Council Europe shows.

Lithuania's LRT television to significantly expand its Russian-language programming

2015-02-26 / 10:29 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

In response to informational pressure of the Kremlin-supported media, the Lithuanian national broadcaster LRT plans new programs for Russian-speakers in Lithuania and hopes to launch a program focused on explaining sources of propaganda and its methods of working.

Chamber of cents to memorialize Litas

2015-02-26 / 10:25 - Algirdas Acus | LRT

The newest Euro zone newcomer Lithuania has a special chamber to memorialize the former national currency Litas. The chamber is decorated only with Lithuanian cents.

Minister of Energy Masiulis meets US Secretary of Energy Dr. Moniz

2015-02-25 / 10:27 - Ludo Segers ⎮ the Lithuania Tribune | DELFI

On Tuesday, the Lithuanian Minister of Energy , Rokas Masiulis , met with his American counterpart, Dr. Ernest Moniz, the Secretary of Energy. The meeting at the Department of Energy in Washington, DC, focused on energy security and discussing potential exports of US liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Lithuania.

Lithuania reintroduces compulsory military service

2015-02-25 / 10:23 - Algirdas Acus | LRT

Lithuania decides to reintroduce military conscription, amid Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine. The decision was made by the State Defence Council, which is comprised of the Lithuanian President, Prime Minister, Parliament Speaker, Minister of Defence and Chief of Defence.

Arvid Bryne, Norwegian journalist who helped organize first Lithuanian delegation to the West

2015-02-24 / 10:14

Arvid Bryne is a well-known Norwegian journalist and author and one of the best friends Lithuania has in Norway . A quarter of a century ago, he was among those who witnessed first-hand the challenges that Lithuania went through to build an independent and democratic state; moreover, he lent a hand in dealing with some of them.

Lithuania's security agency warns about Russia upping its propaganda game

2015-02-24 / 10:12 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Lithuania's State Security Department said on Monday it observed “increasingly obvious” Russian attempts to instigate an information war and spread its propaganda in the Lithuanian media and social networks.

Lithuanian and Ukrainian industrialists set up Ukraine's business representation in EU

2015-02-23 / 08:59 - ELTA | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

On 20 February, the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists (LPK) together with the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (USPP) signed an agreement, establishing a permanent representation of Ukrainian business in Brussels .
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