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Kaunas to apply to be European capital of culture

2014-10-17 / 10:55 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

The Kaunas City Council on Thursday approved proposals to apply for the city to be the Lithuanian Capital of Culture in 2018 and the European Capital of Culture in 2022.

Lithuanian army representatives instruct Russian-language schools how to resist propaganda

2014-10-17 / 10:53 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

After reports of students from Lithuanian schools going to paramilitary camps in Russia , Education and Science Minister Dainius Pavalkis and officers of the army's Strategic Communication Department on Thursday met with principals of Russian-language schools.

Retailers to be fined for selling energy drinks to minors in Lithuania

2014-10-16 / 15:13 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

The Seimas of Lithuania on Thursday backed a law introducing fines for selling energy drinks to minors. Ninety lawmakers voted in favour, there were no votes against and five MPs abstained.

VSD advises which Lithuanians are most likely to be targeted by Russian intelligence agencies

2014-10-16 / 15:09 - Šarūnas Černiauskas | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

On Wednesday, a high officer in the Polish military was detained on suspicions of spying for Russia . The Lithuanian State Security Department says it has spotted attempts by the Russian intelligence to recruit spies in this country, too.

Putin accused Baltic states of neonazism

2014-10-15 / 11:23 - DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the Baltic states and Ukraine of "open manifestations of neonazism", the news agency Unian reports.

President Grybauskaitė: Democracy must be able to defend itself

2014-10-15 / 11:20 - ELTA | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Lithuania at present finds itself in the middle of information and propaganda warfare, insists President Dalia Grybauskaitė who says she will try again to persuade members of parliament to support her amendments to the Law on Public Information which aim at limiting Russian TV broadcasts in the country.

New TV Show Brings "Facts, not Lies" to Russian Speakers

2014-10-14 / 18:05 -

A new Russian-language TV news program that launched today will provide audiences in countries bordering Russia with a balanced alternative to the disinformation produced by Russian media outlets that is driving instability in the region.

Lithuania collects more budget revenue than projected

2014-10-14 / 11:31 - ELTA | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Based on preliminary assessment by the Ministry of Finance , revenue collections over the first nine months of 2014 surpassed expectations by 0.8 percent.

Lithuanian Army Launches Response Forces

2014-10-14 / 11:25 - Algirdas Acus | LRT

Lithuania sets up Response Forces with special duty to protect the country in case of any “Green Men” appearance .

Seimas speaker off to South Korea on official visit

2014-10-13 / 13:56 - DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

A delegation headed by Lithuania's Parliamentary Speaker Loreta Graužinienė on Sunday left for South Korea on an official visit to search for new markets for Lithuanian commodities.
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