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Lithuania's UN representative: Russia won't stop unless there's a tough response

2014-08-29 / 10:21 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

If the international community fails to make a strong response to Russia 's military invasion of Ukraine , Moscow may take another step, Lithuania's representative at the United Nations Security Council Raimonda Murmokaitė said on Thursday.

Russia’s Aggression Enters a New Phase

2014-08-29 / 10:14 - Algirdas Acus | LRT

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevicius promised that Lithuania in EU Foreign Ministers Meeting will push for more targeted sanctions for Russia and will call to start arms embargo. EU countries' trade with the aggressor, Linkevicius called 'illogical'.

Lithuania to increase defence budget by EUR 116 million

2014-08-28 / 12:59 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Lithuania's defence budget is set to grow by around 400 million litas (EUR 116 million) next year, the country's Minister of National Defense Juozas Olekas says.

Valdas Adamkus: The only person I had no luck with was Vladimir Putin

2014-08-28 / 11:33 - DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Former Lithuanian president Valdas Adamkus expresses his disappointment about the estranged relationship with Poland , and the demands of the Polish minority . He also shares insights and memories about his own personal relations with state leaders he worked with during his presidency, while appreciating a bold yet risky stance of...

Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania party quits ruling coalition

2014-08-27 / 11:36 - ELTA | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

After the meeting of the Coalition political council, the leader of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (LLRA) Valdemar Tomaševski announced that the party is withdrawing from the government. Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said that three parties remain in the Coalition, whereas, based on quotas, the energy ministers...

Former energy vice-minister: Deal with Statoil gives Lithuania a trump card in negotiations with Russia

2014-08-27 / 11:32 - LRT | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Last week, Lithuania signed a historic contract of liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply with the Norwegian company Statoil . Even if the price of gas set by Statoil will be somewhat higher than the one Lithuania pays now, it is important that, for the first time in history, the country has an alternative to Russian gas , says Romas...

Hawk and Falcon Security Force in Šiauliai Air base

2014-08-26 / 14:42 - Algirdas Acus | LRT

Polish air force team which is currently on duty in NATO Baltic air police mission has brought a falconer whose falcons and hawks protect Lithuanian Šiauliai airport from other birds in order to avoid accidents where birds get into planes’ engines and ruin them.

Why Donelaitis’ Metai is on par with Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey

2014-08-26 / 11:30 - Linas Jegelevičius | the Lithuania Tribune |DELFI

The Lithuanian epic poem Seasons ( Metai ) is a canonic masterpiece of early Lithuanian literature written by Kristijonas Donelaitis around 1765–1775 in the Prussian village of Tolminkiemis. In Metai , rebellious Donelaitis depicted indigenous Lithuanian serfs subjected to mistreatment at the hands of German colonizers.

Gold-winning Lithuanian swimmer Meilutytė says the season exceeded her expectations

2014-08-26 / 11:27 - Elijus Kniežauskas | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Lithuanian swimmer Rūta Meilutytė ended the season with the best results. A year of work, the intensive season and three competitions within two weeks brought to Meilutytė something that no athlete had ever achieved. She added a gold medal from the European championship to her collection of trophies and now she has a full set of gold...

Vilnius-Warsaw tensions only useful to the Kremlin, Polish media figure says

2014-08-25 / 11:33 - LRT | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

Adam Michnik , editor-in-chief of the Polish daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza , says that disputes between Lithuania and Poland are ridiculous in the context of the events in Ukraine , and that a disruption of Vilnius-Warsaw relations is useful only to Moscow.
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