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Two original name spelling bills to be put before the Seimas

2014-04-15 / 11:25 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

(BNS) Two alternative bills on the original spelling of names will be submitted for consideration of the Seimas of Lithuania on Tuesday.

We shouldn’t focus on washing dishes when house is on fire – Lithuanian ForMin on Ukraine

2014-04-15 / 11:21 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

(BNS) The European Union must expand sanctions against Russia amid its ongoing aggression in Ukraine, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevčus said on Monday.

Ukrainian Researcher: “We are feeling tremendous support from Lithuanians”

2014-04-14 / 11:30 - Šarūnas Bulota |DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

“Every Ukrainian feels that the situation in our country is extremely dangerous. Lithuanians must be aware that they can be the next Russian target,” said Ukrainian researcher Valerij Michailenko while visting Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) Faculty of Chemical Technology. Michailenko is a geography professor at the Kiev...

Survey: Lithuanians want to spend more on defence

2014-04-14 / 11:24 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

(BNS) The majority of Lithuanians are in favor of an increase in defence spending, believe in NATO allies’ help and acknowledge that the Crimean crisis has changed their attitude toward Lithuanian defence, a survey for news portal delfi.lt showed Monday.

Ušackas: TV bans will not solve the Russian propaganda problem

2014-04-11 / 11:28 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

(BNS) “Propaganda must be dealt with through building civic maturity and creating alternatives. Banning broadcasts of Russian TV channels will not solve the problem,” said Vygaudas Ušackas, head of the Delegation of the European Union to Russia .

Land Referendum Date Fixed

2014-04-11 / 11:23 - Algirdas Acus | LRT

  Lithuanian Parliament set the date for the referendum on a ban of selling land to foreigners on 29 th June. Mainstream politicians argue that such ban would conflict with Lithuania's EU commitments and the Constitution.  

Regulator asks prosecutors to check Viasat’s compliance with legislation

2014-04-10 / 11:27 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

(BNS) The Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission (LRTK) has asked the prosecutors to check whether Viasat, the biggest digital satellite television operator in the Baltic countries, complies with legislation in particular as it continues to rebroadcast Russian TV channels RTR Planeta and NTV Mir Lithuania, which have been subject to...

No decisions needed on location name spelling in minorities languages – Lithuanian PM

2014-04-10 / 11:20 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

(BNS) Lithuania’s Social Democratic Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius stresses the importance of a law on the spelling of non-Lithuanian names not only for the Polish minority but for Lithuanians as well. But he does not mention, however, any amendments on the spelling of location names, saying that such decision are not needed at...

Moscow court to rule on fugitive banker Romanov on Thursday

2014-04-09 / 12:03 - BNS | DELFI | The Lithuania Tribune

(BNS) A Moscow court will decide Thursday whether to detain and extradite Vladimir Romanov, the former majority shareholder of Lithuania’s collapsed Ūkio Bankas, said his lawyer on Wednesday, citing a report from Romanov’s Russian-based attorney.

Grybauskaite on NATO’s Military Bases in Lithuania

2014-04-09 / 11:58 - Algirdas Acus | LRT

President Dalia Grybauskaite raises doubts if possible NATO military bases could be set in Lithuania, but assures that country is prepared to take necessary defence decisions, according to the need.
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